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Hamilton County Council, District 1

"Putting Taxpayers First"


Fred is running for re-election because he wants to continue making Hamilton County the best place to live, work, raise a family, and start a business.

As councilman, Fred helped find and cut $10 million in unnecessary spending from the budget, bringing the 2018 budget into the black and securing Hamilton County as the most fiscally sound county in Indiana. 

Fred demonstrated his long history of supporting parks and recreation by approving funding for Koteewi Archery Park, which is a unique park to Hamilton County. Equally important to Fred is ensuring the personal health and public safety of Hamilton County residents, which is why Fred voted for an increase in Sheriff Department personnel and to expand the county jail.

Fred is proud to represent the constituents of Hamilton County and is asking for your vote in the May 8, 2018 Primary Election.

In The News

March 8, 2018

Plan for suburbs to pay for Indy's potholes

Fred Glynn said a commuter tax would amount to taxation without representation.

“We’d be paying a tax without being able to hold the local elected officials who are collecting it accountable because we can’t vote for them,” Glynn said.

Indianapolis Star John Tuohy,  ET March 5, Plan for suburbs to pay for Indy's potholes kicked to curb in Hamilton County

June 13, 2017

Hamilton County Considers $36M Allisonville Roundabout Interchange


The funding plan for the roundabout interchange is undecided. 


The Hamilton County Commissioners, the executive branch of county government, want to use bond financing. But it's unclear whether they have enough votes on the County Council, the legislative branch of government. 


Council members Paul Ayers, Jeff Hern, Amy Massillamany and Steve Schwartz voted for the engineering study.

Councilmen Rick, McKinney, Brad Beaver and Fred Glynn voted against the study. They want Noblesville and Fishers to participate in construction funding, think the overall price can be reduced and want a list of current county funding obligations.

"I don't think we have enough answers," McKinney said.

August 22, 2017

Hamilton County Commissioners Abruptly Disband Bipartisan Voter Registration Board


County Councilman Fred Glynn Jr., a Republican, said he's concerned voter registration data could become difficult to obtain. Many candidates, he said, go to the Board of Voter Registration to get lists of active primary voters.

He said Baitz has promised to make that information readily available, but if it becomes difficult to obtain under future clerks, he said, it could tilt elections.

March 3, 2016

My Resolution to Help Businesses and Ensure $12M for S.R. 37


Yesterday we (i.e. County Council) unanimously approved $12 million in funding for the proposed overhaul of State Road 37. The County Council had been considering delaying a vote on the funding, but I introduced a resolution to pledge support to fund a marketing campaign for businesses, which swayed the council's decision to move forward with the vote.


The resolution urges Fishers and the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners to create a marketing plan to help nearby businesses during construction. I did this as a show of good faith that we're willing to work together to mitigate the pain these businesses are likely to feel during construction.

IBJ Article by​ Lindsey Erdody

Hamilton County Council OKs $12M for S.R. 37 project



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